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It is your choice of how long you want to sail the Turkish Riviera and our guidance to visit Kas & Kekova bays, Simena (Kaleköy), Aperlai, the Greek Island Megisti (Kastellorizo), and this is a private voyage for the lovers of Mediterrenean life. 

Weekly Kas & Kekova Riviera


Daily Kas Islands & Reefs


Daily Sunken City of Kekova 


Exclusive Sailing Voyages
by Serafina

Greek Island Kastellorizo


Honeymoon Sailing Voyages


Sunset Sailings


Kas is one of the rare locations in Turkey with its pure, crystal waters and beautiful underwater ecological system still remaining unspoilt. 


The bays around Kas are captivating. 

Guvercin Island is a spectecular place for its clear waters and lookout for the underwater shark statue.

Another unique island is the set of Twelve Isles. This is a superb location with a canyon and a fascinating wreck to dive. Make sure you visit the Coban Bay, Sari Ot Island and Small Creek Bay. 


You can reach these bays on a daily sailing yacht trip or you can stay longer by chartering a sailing yacht. We provide a peaceful and comfortable excursion.  

Kekova is a heaven where nature unites with history and its turquoise waters are adorned by countless coves and bays. 

Kekova includes Ucagiz (formerly Theimussa) village on the coastline, Kalekoy (Simena) village with its famous fortress, and Kekova Island that stretches out to the historical sunken city across from Kalekoy. Established upon the ancient remains of Simena, Kalekoy is only accessible by boat. Hosting a Crusader fortress, Kalekoy's cozy narrow streets invite you to discover history. 

Kekova Island which was destroyed by several earthquakes during Lycian era (2.century, A.D.) but later resettled and flourished by Byzantine reign. Later the Persian & Arabian invasions forced Byzantine to desert the island. 

In 1990, Kekova Island was declared a protected area by the Ministry of Environement and Forestry and swimming in the sunken city territory was forbidden. The bays are only accesible by boat and you can swim and visit the ruins. 

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